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Mezzanyn takes us under the moon with her first single « Nightwalker ».

In this song, she delivers the power of her feelings and observations in order to channel them in synthwave productions. Her textured and powerful voice embodies the strength of her lyrics based on deep spiritual introspection and a message of love and rebellion toward the outside world.

With Mezzanyn, Athena would like to elevate her project and surround herself with a team that would help spreading her very singular vision. Always thirsty for progress, she would like to be helped and take advices from others.

C’est à travers sa voix envoutante et ses synthés aux sonorités mystiques que Mezzanyn nous entraine dans un monde coloré et poétique. Originaire de France, cette artiste synthpop compose, produit et écrit en nous transportant dans son univers allant de Labrynth, à Son lux en passant par FKA Twigs. Des rythmes entrainants, des mélodies harmonieuses accompagnés de paroles tendrement intimes. Bienvenu.e dans l’univers de Mezzanyn.

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