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Two years after ‘Der Meister der Intrige’, the first release in the German language, that was much politically motivated, the fourth Saline Grace album, ‘The Whispering Woods’, has been released with English lyrics as usual and creates pictorial synaesthesias raising wild and near-natural sceneries of wide forests, barren wastelands and fathomless oceans.

In the focus of this sinister work stands mankind within its timeline of birth and decease, who, based on its culture, unlearned treating other species as equal as well as it questions man’s position in the estranged nature of today.

A brilliant, almost fragile fingerstyle guitar alternates with a voluminous, mandolin-like style of playing, acting as though shepherded by ocean waves, on the one hand, able to raise impetuously and on the other hand capable of associations of softly gliding bird’s wings carried by the wind.

Subtly woven into a sound stage, mainly consisting of piano, organ, concertina, strings as well as jazzy bass and drums, the listener is inevitably getting entangled in a sound experience that is drawing marvellously attention to singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Hoffmann’s emotional baritone, who is capable of mastering a falsetto, too.

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For fans of And Also The Trees, Nick Cave, The Cure and Fields Of The Nephilim.

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