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The Copenhagen duo let the waves roll on their therapist and introduce a new musical path for 2023 with the RnB-folk-inspired release, ‘care4’ – the lead single from an upcoming WIINSTON album!

WIINSTON has become notoriously known for spontaneously changing their game and never sucking up to the business of our musical tendencies but always striving to challenge their own artistic limits on ambitious, alluring and colourful songs and albums.

This year, WIINSTON are finally back with the lead single from an upcoming Spring-album – and with ‘care4’ singer Daniel Richards and producer Alfred Thomas, once again shine in their own way.

“’care4’ is the perfect picture on how we currently define ourselves. It’s rooted in multiple genres like indie, folk, RnB and hip hop with inspiration from the soundscapes of cinema. When making music, to us, every aspect is equally important ‘cause when we limit ourselves to only one genre it doesn’t feel like we created anything, really – then we just remade something that already is. We aspire to make this our mutual philosophy in the studio,” the duo says.

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‘care4’ takes on a theme of harm between people and sonically it moves through different stages of aggression and smooth melancholy – a lyrical and musical storytelling with the dynamics as if you were letting the waves roll on your therapist!

With the release of ‘care4’, WIINSTON is rolling out their 3rd album following a four-year break since the acoustically dreamy, ‘JELLYFISH’, dropped in 2019, not to mention the darker, urban-infused, ‘MIDNIGHT ROCKET’, the year before, including their breakthrough single, ‘Angelina’.


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