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As children, they would blow on dandelions, making wishes upon what they thought were beautiful flowers. But as they grew older, they were told that dandelions were weeds, meant to be uprooted and discarded. Despite this, the band’s resilience cannot be denied, much like the dandelion’s.

Their latest album, Dandelion, delves into the theme of resilience and the passage of time, marking a new chapter in their songwriting journey seven albums into their career.

The standout track, “Time Blindness,” was written in the aftermath of their bandmate Leslie’s father’s passing. Al Stanwyck, Leslie’s father, was a notable musician himself, and as the band wrote the song, they reflected on his life and their own mortality.

“Time Blindness” is a poignant blend of memories and longing, capturing the essence of the band’s emotions during that period. It’s just one of the many tracks on Dandelion that showcase their growth as a band.

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It’s been a while since their last album, and they’ve gained more life experience, becoming wiser and more patient with the world. Through it all, they’ve come to realize that their memories are precious and worth holding onto.

Listeners can take a moment to listen to “Time Blindness” and experience the sweet melancholy of their new album, Dandelion, available on all major streaming platforms. It’s a reminder that, much like the dandelion, everyone is capable of weathering life’s storms and emerging stronger from them.


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