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In the heart of Copenhagen’s vibrant music scene, where the echoes of creativity reverberate through the cobblestone streets, emerges Achtung Sky—a musical force to be reckoned with. Comprising three exceptionally skilled musicians, this trio brings a wealth of experience and a dash of magic to Denmark’s sonic landscape.

At the core of Achtung Sky’s sonic alchemy stand Jack Giersing and Tomas Ortved, kindred spirits whose musical journey spans more than two decades. These maestros have danced in the limelight together, their synergy finely tuned through collaborations in bands like the enigmatic “Alive With Worms.” Yet, it was on the ethereal soundscapes of Tomas Ortved’s 2012 masterpiece, “Catch,” that their musical spirits truly intertwined.

In 2014, Achtung Sky unveiled their debut EP, an enchanting creation aptly titled “Never.” This sonic tapestry not only marked their collective debut but also set the stage for a mesmerizing duet collaboration that would redefine musical boundaries.

But every symphony needs its conductor, and in Achtung Sky’s case, that role falls into the capable hands of Thor Vincent. A master of analogue synthesisers, Thor has long been the unsung hero lurking in the shadows of these musical virtuosos. His dual roles as musician and recording technician have woven him into the very fabric of their sound, elevating it to celestial heights. With Thor in the mix, Achtung Sky’s sonic universe knows no bounds.

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Tomas Ortved, the beating heart of Achtung Sky, is no stranger to Denmark’s musical pantheon. His drumming prowess has reverberated through the annals of Danish rock history as the rhythmic backbone of the legendary Sort Sol (Sods). Yet, his artistic journey is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, as he’s lent his talents to the likes of Cyklon Anti Cyklon, Alive With Worms, Nikolaj Nørlund, and Peter Sommer.

Achtung Sky, a convergence of musical luminaries, is a testament to Copenhagen’s enduring creative spirit. As they embark on their sonic odyssey, we can only imagine the auditory landscapes they will conjure, the dreams they will inspire, and the mysteries they will unveil. Stay tuned, for Achtung Sky is poised to paint the Danish skies with an iridescent palette of soundscapes that will resonate for generations to come.


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