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In the symphony of nature’s whispers—through ice cores, tree rings, and the dance of erosion—Seth Glier hears a call to reconnect with the Earth’s language. Hailing from the verdant landscapes of Western Massachusetts, Seth, a Grammy-nominated artist and avid mushroom forager, translates these whispers into soul-stirring melodies on his latest album, “Everything.”

This captivating collection of eight songs serves as a poignant invitation to envision a harmonious future where humanity and the planet coexist in mutual restoration. Each track not only resonates with practical climate solutions but also brims with palpable optimism.

“Rise,” the album’s opening anthem, pulses with energy and hope, urging us to embrace the concept of rewilding as a new beginning. In “Finally Home,” Seth celebrates the beauty of regenerative farming, accompanied by spirited doo-wop vocal harmonies.

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“Mammoth,” a thought-provoking track written from the perspective of a resurrected woolly mammoth, offers a humbling reflection on humanity’s place in the vast tapestry of evolution. Throughout the album, guest stars like Crys Matthews, Hayley Reardon, and Windborne lend their talents, adding unexpected layers of depth and emotion.

Inspired by a mystical encounter while foraging, the album’s title track, “Everything,” embodies Seth’s profound connection to nature. As he describes, the scent of a chantarelle mushroom triggered a rush of déjà vu, reawakening a primal knowledge within him.

Beyond his musical prowess, Seth’s innate curiosity and passion for human connection shine through. From serving as a cultural diplomat for the US State Department to collaborating with musicians worldwide, his dedication to positive change knows no bounds.

With accolades including five Independent Music Awards and a Grammy nomination, Seth’s commitment to using music as a catalyst for social change is unwavering. Whether collaborating with students in Parkland, Florida, or advocating for autism awareness inspired by his brother Jamie, Seth Glier continues to illuminate the transformative power of songwriting.

“Everything” isn’t just an album—it’s a testament to the interconnectedness of all living beings and a stirring reminder that the future is ours to shape.


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