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Ian Campbell isn’t just a folk rock singer-songwriter; he’s a masterful storyteller, weaving narratives from his 42 years of life into his music. With the unveiling of his debut album, “Stories from an Old Set of Strings,” Ian lays bare a collection of tales gathered over the past two decades, delivered with raw emotion and stripped-down authenticity.

In this musical odyssey, Ian eschews elaborate production, opting instead for the simplicity of his guitar and voice. “I wanted this record to emulate the intimacy of sharing stories around a campfire,” Ian muses. “These songs are snapshots of my journey through life, and I felt the most genuine way to present them was in their purest form.”

So, what does Ian’s record sound like? Picture the raw honesty of Bruce Springsteen, the soulful introspection of Ray LaMontagne, and the poetic lyricism of Nick Drake, all infused with the timeless charm of James Taylor. It’s a concoction that brews something truly special.

Reflecting on his creative process, Ian draws inspiration from legends like Jackson Browne, Nick Drake, and Bob Dylan, who crafted magic with the simplest of means. “I recorded the guitar parts and vocals in my makeshift home studio,” Ian reveals. “It’s raw, it’s real, it’s me. This album is my introduction, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it.”

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In a world saturated with overproduced sounds, Ian Campbell’s “Stories from an Old Set of Strings” offers a refreshing return to the essence of music—authentic storytelling, straight from the heart. Take a seat by the campfire and let Ian’s melodies carry you on a journey through life’s rich tapestry.


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