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Politically charged but tinged with a glimmer of optimism, ‘I Don’t Believe The Truth’ is this year’s anthem for anyone who’s been let down by their governments and the media.

Raunchy rock’n’ roll riffs, soaring guitar solos and explosive grooves mark the core of Sanny Veloo’s latest track. Couple that with a confronting, but highly necessary PSA warning listeners about the social injustice of misinformation and fake news, and you have a recipe that’s gone on to define much of Sanny Veloo’s music.

Titled, ‘I Don’t Believe The Truth’, the track is an outpouring of Sanny’s deep concern for the number of lies and deception that our governments and the media feed us. The uplifting instrumentation contrasts these seemingly heavy themes, with rhythm sections reminiscent of Oasis and an infectiously catchy chorus that begs to be sung along to.

I Don’t Believe The Truth has just premiered on 16 Sep 2022 and is accompanied by a music video that reflects Sanny’s tongue-in-cheek, commentary-style humour. It will be released independently on his own imprint, Sanny Veloo Music. Ahead of the release, critics have been singing their praise for the track, toting it as a perfect blend of classic rock and alt-rock.

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Driven by a duty to spread uplifting messages through rock music, Sanny Veloo is on a mission to reinforce love, chase dreams and keep it real. His music merges modern alt-rock with the passageways of classic rock arrangements and melodious guitar solos, twisted up in high-octane ferocity.

Originally from Singapore, the Australian singer and guitarist made his mark in music with his band, ‘Boredphucks’, who was notoriously banned for allegedly inciting a riot during a performance. Reforming as The SUNS in Melbourne, they toured Australia extensively as an independent band. But after the tragic passing of their drummer, Wayne Thunder, the band parted ways. Sanny re-entered the music scene a few years later, forming EMPRA. The band put out several successful releases, toured globally, won international awards and supported Fall Out Boy, British India, and even collaborated with Grammy award-winner Gotye.

Upon the news of Sanny’s father being direly unwell, Sanny parted ways with EMPRA. While caring for his father, Sanny took the time to re-invent his musical direction, inspired and creatively invigorated by the last few months he spent with him. Today, Sanny has incorporated everything he’s learned so far.


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