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Presenting “Why Can’t I Call You,” the latest single from their forthcoming Carousel EP, out now. Dive into a realm of unspoken yearning and concealed emotions as they navigate the intricate dance of desire and restraint.

Crafted from a place of raw authenticity, this track channels the frustration of longing for someone just out of reach. Against a backdrop of haunting, spacious instrumentation, “Why Can’t I Call You” amplifies the intensity of suppressed feelings, painting a vivid portrait of the inner turmoil experienced when love remains unexpressed.

In this creative endeavor, they embraced the challenge of blending direct storytelling with poetic intrigue, striking a delicate balance that captures the essence of their musical vision. Drawing inspiration from diverse influences spanning from the Arctic Monkeys to the Wu-Tang Clan, they forged a sound that defies categorisation, transcending genre boundaries to create something truly unique.

And don’t miss the official “Why Can’t I Call You” music video on YouTube, a visual masterpiece conceptualized by director Francis Rogers. Through a captivating fusion of vintage film styles and modern techniques, a narrative unfolds mirroring the song’s themes of longing and separation. From mesmerizing visuals captured on 8mm and 16mm film to the nostalgic charm of VHS, each frame serves as a testament to the power of unspoken emotions.

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Watch as the story unfolds, following two characters who exist in parallel yet never intersect, echoing the unspoken sentiments echoed in the lyrics. Keep an eye out for the iconic wall of TVs, a striking visual motif that symbolizes the fragmented nature of longing, seamlessly bridging the divide between reality and desire.

Join them on this captivating journey as they explore the depths of unspoken longing and the power of music to transcend boundaries. Experience “Why Can’t I Call You” and immerse yourself in a world where emotions run deep and every note resonates with the unspoken words of the heart.


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