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Extracted from their exhilarating debut album ‘Just Before The World Starts Burning’ (out now on Xtra Mile Recordings), “Scared of Living” a new video directed by Mihaly Sipos.

A sonic voyage through the labyrinth of our Orwellian reality, “Scared of Living” delves into the pervasive influence of screens and digital simulacra on our lives. The accompanying video, a visual masterpiece crafted by the visionary Mihaly Sipos, serves as a poignant commentary on our insatiable appetite for fleeting dopamine rushes within virtual realms.

Flitting between the sleek aesthetics of video game-inspired graphics and the timeless elegance of real-world imagery, the video is a mesmerizing tapestry of contrasts. It juxtaposes the allure of pixelated fantasies with the stark beauty of tangible existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the blurred boundaries between the two.

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Photo credit: Lukas Rauch

As The Sleeping Souls eloquently articulate, the song confronts the existential crisis of living in an era where authenticity is often sacrificed at the altar of social validation. They lament the loss of genuine human connection, overshadowed by the facade of digital personas and the fear of public scrutiny.

In their words, “Living your life through cameras and apps isn’t living.” They highlight the paradox of technological advancement breeding societal conformity, urging us to question the true cost of our digital dependencies. As we immerse ourselves in the intoxicating rhythm of “Scared of Living,” we are compelled to confront the uncomfortable truths lurking beneath the surface of our screen-dominated reality.


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