Lost in Soundscapes: MANJA’s ‘MNSF’ Offers a Retro-Futuristic Escape

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Once upon a time, amidst the hushed corridors of creative dormancy, James Sukadana, the voice and strings of MANJA, found himself entangled in the web of writer’s block. Silence loomed like a heavy fog until, like a bolt from the blue, a melody descended, shattering the quietude and breathing life back into the mild-mannered frontman. Thus, from the depths of that melodic epiphany emerged their latest single, “MNSF”.

“When the melody graced my senses, I was struck by an extraordinary notion: to craft a tale of a celestial haven, a realm where reality dances hand in hand with fantasy,” James reveals with a spark in his eyes.

“MNSF” isn’t just a mere composition; it’s a pilgrimage, a mythical sanctuary far removed from the mundane woes of existence, where a symphony of sounds cascades like a cleansing tide, washing away the complexities of selfhood. And MANJA extends an open invitation, beckoning you to lose yourself within the enigmatic embrace of “MNSF”.

Comprising James and the Pratama brothers, Nick on guitars and Mark on keys, MANJA christens it “Minasofa,” yet the name may whisper a different tale to each wanderer. “The pronunciation or spelling? It’s an open canvas,” James muses. “A unique realm for every artist and listener to paint their own interpretation.”

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Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Weeknd and Parcels, MANJA embarked on a quest to encapsulate a retro-futuristic vibe within “MNSF”. Teaming up once more with the dynamic producer duo, Brian Kresno Putro and Enrico Octaviano, the architects behind their previous masterpiece, “Last Night’s Kiss,” they sculpted “MNSF” into an auditory oasis, adorned with layers of electronic embellishments, cocooned within a timeless pop-rock panorama.


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