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Introducing pher: a wordsmith extraordinaire who seamlessly blends the rhythm of rap with the depth of poetry, creating a musical experience that resonates with authenticity. Born and bred in the heart of London, pher’s journey into the world of music began with the eloquence of verse, honed in the vibrant atmosphere of freestyle and spoken word.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of his upbringing, pher infuses his music with echoes of his mother’s eclectic DJ selections, steeped in the grooves of 80s funk and the swagger of new jack swing. This fusion of influences forms the backbone of his distinctive sound, setting him apart as a true innovator in the realm of alternative hip-hop.

Now, pher unveils his latest offering to the world: “moon.” This introspective single delves deep into the artist’s reflections on his journey through the music industry, laying bare his raw emotions and insights with haunting sincerity. With “moon,” pher invites listeners into his world, where every lyric is a doorway to contemplation and every beat a conduit for emotion.

Inspired by the soulful stylings of Smino, “moon” captures the essence of atmospheric storytelling, weaving together a tapestry of muted guitar melodies, vibey rhythms, and captivating rap lines. Each element of the track is imbued with a nostalgic aura, transporting listeners to a realm where the past and present converge in harmony.

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pher’s talent has not gone unnoticed, with accolades pouring in from esteemed publications and platforms such as The Source, Reprezents Radio, and GUAP Magazine. With over 100,000 streams under his belt, pher stands poised at the brink of a breakthrough year in 2024, with “moon” serving as the first chapter in what promises to be an exhilarating musical journey.

As pher himself declares, his music is not just entertainment; it’s a catalyst for introspection, a call to action for minds and souls alike. With “moon,” he invites us to join him on a voyage of self-discovery, where every twist and turn of the melody leads us closer to the heart of his artistry. So let us heed his call, and embark on this sonic odyssey together.


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