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MOONWOOD are a Sydney-based band made of five friends from Australia, the United States and Canada. Jake (lead vocals), Justin (drums), Aaron (keys), Will (bass) and Paul (guitar) take their untamed analogue synth lines, with dreamy guitar leads and introspective storytelling, resulting in a sound that is a fresh take on alternative rock.

Their latest single “Slow Down” narrates a struggling relationship, the tension surrounding conflict and striving for repair. Touching on the differences of two individuals, the song speaks of love, patience and tolerance, sonically building throughout and reflecting the tension in the relationship. The relatable track navigates the need to resolve and repair the miscommunication between two lovers, which is a result of their unspoken issues and individual contrasts.

“Slow Down” is a slow-burning fire, with a warming acoustic guitar laying a base for the crystal clear waters of raw vocals. A wave of electric guitar washes in a build-up of tight bright drums and mellow riffs that roll in a touch of calm. The development of the track sees a flood of a euphoric alt-rock soundscape bursting in colour and energy, reigniting flames of electro melodies and giving off The Killers vibes.

“Slow Down” is the second single to be released off of the band’s upcoming EP. The highly anticipated record is a collection of songs that are influenced by past pain. Explaining how the EP has acted as a form of therapy, Jake confides, “I have learned how to process grief, pain and my complicated trauma from the past in this way. I find the overall theme of this music cathartic, uplifting, and confrontational.” Inspired by the likes of The National, The 1975 and Kings of Leon, with elements of Bruce Springsteen and U2’s enrapturing storytelling, MOONWOOD have crafted a beautifully emotional, yet rugged and raw compilation of songs, which both demand your attention and deserve it too.

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