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In the annals of music history, tales of perseverance and dedication often weave their own unique melody. Such is the case with Boring Story, a band that originally conceived their debut LP, ‘Rust,’ back in 2015. The title itself was a reflection of the characters that inhabit the album—a cast trapped in their own lives, ensnared by self-made snares, disillusioned by the world, and yet unable to muster the will to change it. Fast forward seven years, and ‘Rust’ finally emerges into the light, its colours still shifting and flaking in enigmatic shades.

The band, comprising the talents of singer/guitarist Zach Griffin, bassist Nick Harley, and drummer Ben Taylor, embarked on the instrumental journey for ‘Rust’ in the winter of 2016, a period when the cultural landscape of the country began its own metamorphosis beneath their evolving lives.

Taylor’s relocation to Connecticut presented a crossroads, with thoughts of scrapping ‘Rust’ entirely or even calling it quits altogether lurking on the horizon. However, the desire to have something tangible to show for their journey prevailed and Griffin wrapped up vocal tracking in the summer of 2022. It had been almost a decade in the making, but ‘Rust’ was finally ready to step into the spotlight.

Lyrically, ‘Rust’ delves into the darker corners of the minds of Griffin and Harley. Harley candidly shares his approach, noting how he used the process as a means to exorcise “some of these ugly thoughts I was having, thoughts that maybe did not reflect my feelings specifically, but thoughts that I believed that I was capable of having if I gave into my worst, most misguided influences.” These raw impulses surface throughout the album, from the frenetic energy of “Say My Name” to the grimy, punkish barnburner “Sad Sack.”

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The journey culminates with the closing track, “Wreck,” a slow dance that leaves a lasting impact with its cutting line: “admit it, you’re alright with being a wreck.” Drawing lyrical inspiration from “Jumper,” it carries a grittier, more rugged sound than the Third Eye Blind reference might suggest. Sonically, Boring Story weaves threads from the emo-tinged alt-rock of Taking Back Sunday, the resonating echoes of Microwave, and a touch of post-punk flair reminiscent of The Strokes. The result is an exhilarating listening experience.

With their second album already well underway, the release of ‘Rust’ marks both a closing chapter and a new beginning for Boring Story. It’s a testament to how close the band came to shelving it entirely, only to emerge with a knockout record that embodies the essence of musical dedication and artistic evolution.


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