Unveiling The Bedside Morale’s Latest Masterpiece: ‘Bitter Things’

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In the wake of their highly acclaimed debut single ‘Safeword’ in September, indie-rock sensation The Bedside Morale is back with a bang, with the of release their latest single ‘Bitter Things’. This track is a tantalising preview of their much-anticipated debut EP slated for 2024, promising a musical journey that transcends boundaries. Comprising T, Charlie, Tim, and Kynan, this dynamic quartet has been crafting their unique sound since 2014, culminating in a close-knit musical unit that embraces the essence of sincere rock music.

From their humble beginnings in 2014, The Bedside Morale embarked on a musical odyssey, experimenting with various forms of self-expression. United by a shared love for diverse musical genres, the band fearlessly incorporated new elements into their craft. Nearly a decade later, the group has metamorphosed into The Bedside Morale, a musical force that thrives on authenticity and limitless creativity.

The release of their debut single ‘Safeword’ in September 2023 marked a significant milestone for The Bedside Morale. The track garnered praise from prominent platforms like XS Manchester, Islington Radio, and Louder Than War Radio, solidifying the band’s presence in the indie-rock scene.

Produced and mixed at Stage 2 Studios with the expertise of Josh Gallop, the upcoming single ‘Bitter Things’ delves into themes of loneliness, deceptiveness, and insecurity-driven habits. The track weaves a sonic tapestry with hooky choruses, syncopated drums, Paul Simon-esque bass-lines, and reflective vocals, showcasing the band’s musical prowess.

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The Bedside Morale shares insights into the creative process behind ‘Bitter Things.’ Exploring a call-and-response style reminiscent of The Police or REM, the band skilfully combines a hooky riff with a sultry and low-key verse section. The chorus, a natural creation, is complemented by Tim’s enchanting vocal line, while the outro section mimics the magic of a live orchestra swelling to a crescendo.

The band takes a bold step in ‘Bitter Things,’ adopting a conversational style to narrate the character of a complex individual. This marks a departure from their previous works, introducing a character who embodies villainy. The lyrics portray a man who manipulates through negativity, revelling in self-pity to achieve his desires. The band sheds light on the deeply insecure and messy reality of this character, delivering a poignant message to those who engage in such behaviour.

As The Bedside Morale prepares to unleash ‘Bitter Things’ upon the world, fans can anticipate a musical journey that transcends the ordinary. With a decade of shared experiences and musical adventures under their belt, The Bedside Morale invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sincerity and boundless creativity that defines their rock music. Stay tuned for future releases, The Bedside Morale continues to captivate audiences with its evolving sound and storytelling prowess.


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