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KEELEY, led by the enigmatic Dubliner Keeley Moss, unveiled their inaugural album, “Floating Above Everything Else,” under the banner of Dimple Discs. This debut is a treasure trove of compositions, illustrating the vast spectrum of KEELEY’s songwriting prowess. Laden with rich harmonies, robust rhythms, and innovative sonic landscapes, the album traverses various indie-rock sub-genres, firmly establishing Keeley as one of Ireland’s most imaginative songsmiths.

From the ethereal allure of “Seeing Everything” to the electrifying climax of “Shine A Light,” a dynamic rendition of Spiritualized’s 1992 masterpiece, enhanced by the expertise of veteran producer Paul Tipler (notable for his work with Stereolab, Placebo, and The House Of Love), each track is a delightful musical treat infused with an unmistakable Irish charm.

Upon experiencing “Shine A Light,” Jason Pierce (of Spiritualized) expressed his admiration, stating, “It’s always heartening to witness someone infuse their own energy and enthusiasm into one of my creations. It’s truly monumental.”

As with her entire repertoire, this album underscores Keeley’s enduring fascination with the tragic murder of German backpacker Inga Maria Hauser, whose life was cut short in a brutal incident in Northern Ireland in 1988. Despite numerous promising leads, her case remains unresolved. Keeley, recognized as an authority on the subject, recently featured prominently in “Murder In The Badlands,” a poignant BBC documentary that captivated audiences and became a trending sensation on Netflix in the UK and Ireland last year.

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A new cinematic venture centered around Keeley’s involvement with the case is currently in development and is slated to debut on the film festival circuit in 2025. On the live front, Keeley has recruited former Morrissey drummer Andrew Paresi to join herself and bassist Lukey Foxtrot as they continue to hone their often incendiary live sets.

Fri. March 15 : London @ 100 Club (supporting Folk Devils)
Fri. March 22 : Manchester @ AATMA


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