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In the electrifying realm where gritty realism meets the pulsating beats of industrial punk rap, MINAS emerges once again, wielding his sonic arsenal like a seasoned street poet. Following the triumphant echoes of ‘The Public Ain’t Spoken,’ this Greek/Welsh maestro teases us with a tantalising taste of his the EP, ‘Grazes’. MINAS unleashes his penultimate opus, ‘Stress (Feat. Razkid),’ out now.

Teaming up with his trusted comrade Razkid, MINAS orchestrates a sonic symphony that transcends mere musical boundaries. Seamlessly blending gritty industrial vibes with electro-punk elements, ‘Stress (Feat. Razkid)’ reverberates with raw energy and unbridled passion. It’s not just a song; it’s a visceral journey through the trials and tribulations of small-town ennui, a poignant anthem for the struggling souls navigating life’s tumultuous seas.

In MINAS’s own words, “Stress” isn’t just a track; it’s a visceral experience—a sonic embodiment of existential dread and financial panic. With Razkid’s fiery verses adding depth and dimension, the song morphs into a haunting testament to the human condition, capturing the essence of desperation with unflinching honesty.

Rooted in his unconventional upbringing amidst the chaos of the circus and fueled by his parents’ punk legacy, MINAS fearlessly confronts societal norms with his music. Drawing inspiration from the mundane and the macabre, he crafts sonic tapestries that resonate with a generation yearning for authenticity.

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As both a revered producer and a vulnerable artist, MINAS straddles the line between sonic innovator and confessional poet. His collaborations transcend mere musical boundaries, forging a new sound that reverberates through the streets of South Wales and beyond. With each track, he invites us to peer into the depths of his soul, daring us to confront our own demons along the way.

In a musical landscape cluttered with superficiality, MINAS stands as a beacon of authenticity—a modern-day troubadour unafraid to speak his truth. So, as we eagerly await the arrival of ‘Grazes,’ let us immerse ourselves in the raw, unfiltered brilliance of ‘Stress (Feat. Razkid),’ and bear witness to the evolution of a true musical maverick.

6-10 March – New Colossus Festival, New York, NY
8 – 16 March – SXSW, Austin, TX


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