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Introducing Aquafox, the brainchild of the remarkable Rachel Mae Perry, a musical virtuoso hailing from the sun-kissed shores of Orange County, California. Picture a musical prodigy, etching her name in the annals of the industry since childhood. Rachel’s journey reads like a symphony, with crescendos of talent and fortitude.

From her earliest days, Rachel has been a fixture at NAMM, her performances resonating with the crowd under the gleam of a full Daisy Rock sponsorship. But her ascent didn’t stop there. By the tender age of 15, she was rubbing shoulders with industry giants, finding herself in the company of luminaries like Miley, Jonas, and Bieber, under the WME agency banner.

Yet, it’s not just the glittering names that define Rachel’s story. As a teenager, she shared stages with legends, each note a testament to her prowess. From the harmonious melodies of The Beach Boys to the electrifying tunes of Dick Dale, Rachel’s musical odyssey knows no bounds.

But it’s in the depths of her personal journey that Aquafox truly shines. “Party Girl,” the debut single from her upcoming album ‘Mooring Lines,’ emerges from the shadows of Rachel’s past. Crafted during a hospital stay, it’s a raw, unflinching look at her battles with addiction. Yet, amidst the darkness, her melodies soar, illuminating the path to self-discovery.

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What sets “Party Girl” apart is Rachel’s sheer authenticity. She not only penned the lyrics but also lent her voice to every note and beat, a testament to her artistry and resilience. With each chord, she invites listeners into her world, promising a musical narrative that brims with resilience and growth.

So, as Aquafox prepares to embark on this musical voyage, let “Party Girl” be your guiding light, a beacon of hope amidst the tempest. With Rachel at the helm, there’s no doubt that her journey will be nothing short of extraordinary.


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