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Ringing guitars against big drums with shimmering percussion

Refusing to compromise on their stirring brand of articulate post-punk that tackles issues of injustice with an unflinching attitude and…

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Growing from strength to strength

Breezing through buoyant instrumentals, relatable lyricism and soulful guitar lines that wriggle in the head long after the track has…

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A fantastical and dramatic sound with a very personal story

Staking their place as one of the most prolific and intriguing bands on the Manchester underground scene, the new album…

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Crying Day Care Choir collaborate with UK Artist Damien Hirst

A Swedish band always breaking new ground by exploring new sounds to mix with their patented brand of indie folk.…

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Formed as an experimental collaboration

DUB ZOO is a unique, genre-bending musical collective, formed and performed by a group of musicians who all share a…

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Danceable grooves layered with dreamy synths

Faerie is a fluttering indie-pop manifestation of Christine Lam’s daydreams and fantasies. https://open.spotify.com/track/0wAz0ypr5PEN47esfKDmhu?si=2edbfec7ac7c4e22 Her music is set in danceable grooves…

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Sublime psychedelic melancholia

“Somehow”, is out now and is Melitas second non-demo production. https://open.spotify.com/track/059gJI9uNYzb2wfjwusbcp?si=534eedf42a1f4f7f This psychedelic melancholia starts existing back in 2020 when…

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Powerful sweeping emotional music

Like the phoenix reborn from its ashes, the french siblings proudly testify the resilience through bright pop music balancing between…

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Melancholic soundscapes, pulsating trip-hop grooves

Three years after his latest album ‘Misplaced’, Swedish musician and producer boerd (Bård Ericson) returns with ‘Caution: Fragile’ – a…

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Assertive beats and organic tones combine pop sensibilities

Edinburgh leftfield pop duo Slim Wrist are set to release their spell-binding debut album, Closer For Comforting, a delightful electronic…

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Intense and visceral

Formed in Bristol by Charlie Fitzgerald and Rhii Williams from the ashes of former project Bombs, 2015 saw the awakening…

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Guitar-driven indie dream pop at its best

Moonpools are a five-piece Indie/Dreampop band from Basel, Switzerland. https://open.spotify.com/track/7gC9NM4a8uwwEsr2UpCRFB?si=585c703fe80a46a7 The band released their first EP ‘Turbulent Times’ in 2019,…

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