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Toronto-based, avant-garde artist Wrené offers a new perspective and entirely original take on therapeutic music with the release of her new single “Starlight (10hz Alpha Waves),” following the release of numerous art-pop works earlier in the year.

Taking a new direction that strays from her previous works, the forthcoming project explores sounds of brainwave frequencies paired with her signature ethereal, and atmospheric sound design. It offers a new approach to music production for sound healing and presents an aesthetic that is dark, surreal, and transcendent.

“This music is where creativity meets healing. I’m inspired by metaphysical concepts of singularity, and the creation within destruction and how it relates to the center of self where all of your thoughts and feelings erupt. I’ve never found it easy to meditate, but listening to specific brain wave frequencies have given me immense relief. This track represents that journey of finding peace in moments of need as being forever-evolving and at times, quite abrasive and distorted. I don’t often come across those sound qualities when listening to binaural beats- but I identify with harsh noise and sounds of destruction as somewhat familiar and comforting. There is a 10hz pulse that is present throughout the whole track- giving it some nice vibrational constancy to ground yourself. It is intended to be heard by those with ‘troubled minds’, like me.”



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